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Importance of software development in today's digital world

Software development is defined as process applications that are created using suitable programming language. It is a collection of programs and instructions that direct a computer to perform various functions. Software development involves writing a set of integrated programming codes for the functioning of the software under development. Following are three main types of software’s.

System software

These applications are developed to provide core functionalities like disk management, operating system, utilities, hardware management, etc.

Programming software

These applications give programmers essential programming tools like a compiler, debuggers, text editors, linkers required in the process of writing program codes.

Implementation and designing

Developers should ensure that the implementation software is done as per predefined regulations.

Application software

These software packages allowed users to perform various tasks using their computers. Application software includes a database management system, office productivity suits, security programs, media players, etc. Web applications and mobile applications are also categorized as application software.Another type of software that is gradually becoming a part of everyday life is embedded software. Embedded systems are employed for controlling mechanical machines and devices.


This is one of essential phases because developers and stakeholders outline the primary functionalities features they wish to include software. The shortcoming involved in the process is also taken into consideration at this stage.

Validation and verification

At this stage, the software development team need to make sure that the software Undertaker element complies with the specification and meats requirement of the customers.Scaling and maintenance- Developers keep an eye on the performance of the software by continuously modifying hand scaling its features so that it can meet the requirements of the customer and the market.

Steps of Software Development

Irrespective of the procedures followed in software development; there are a set of specific steps that are used for creating software applications from scratch. It should be noted that the order of the following steps is not always necessary to be followed. Developers are often found to be rearranging the steps according to their convenient latest results. Conventional waterfall method software development practices one step at a time, but presently more than one step is executed parallels to enhance the productivity of the project. Below are the key steps essential for software development.


In the initial stages of the software development process, the concerned development team organizes meeting along with product manager to discuss the factors that will influence the future course of the development process.

The development team discusses the following aspect of the project.

  • Allocation of material and human resources
  • Scheduling the different stages of the project
  • Estimating the capacity
  • Cost estimation
  • Procurement of different resources

This is undoubtedly an essential step and should be carried out with great care to ensure the sustainability and execution of the project in the upcoming stages. Strategic planning for project execution, procurement of resources, estimation of expenses and scheduling is essential. Developers, along with the stakeholders, create a blueprint that will be followed for the successful execution of the project plan.

Comprehensive analysis of the requirements

Stakeholders and develop communications to settle on the business requirements of the software. If conditions are not appropriately outlined in the initial stages, the software may turn out to be irrelevant for the target customer base. This stage, because all the members involved with the project, together to decide upon the business aspects for optimizing the software. Features and that needs to be automated are also decided at this stage of the project. The development team must follow a flexible procedure to ensure the proper execution of the project.

Prototyping software

After all the team members understand the requirements of the project developers software architects begin designing the software architecture. The design process includes standardized patterns software development as well as architecture. Designing also helps in solving critical problems. Develops work with rapid prototyping to compare solutions that will be most suitable for the application. Developers create program codes and patterns necessary for prototyping sessions.

At this stage of the development, process developers are busy in writing program codes for the software. Based on the methodology executed within a period or follow the waterfall process. Teams require staying in constant touch with stakeholders to make sure that the project is blowing in the right direction. The output obtained is put through a series of tests for its functionality.


Nowadays, the development stage is often automated by professional software development agencies with the help of the Continuous Integration model. This allows them to streamline the process and deliver quality products on time.


After the building phase is completed, the developers engage in monitoring the software to check its operational compatibility. Detects or bugs within the program code are detected at this stage. Developers instantly take care of the issues and find you the software to make it free from errors. Application is made to pass through an abbreviated software development process multiple times to check for the errors.

Software Development

Factors affecting the time of software development

Estimation of the time of software development is one of the most challenging tasks as many factors influence the development process. Following are some of the issues that affect the schedule of software development

  • Lack of workforce- Late arrivals, leaves, the inadequate experience of developers
  • Customer request and unforeseen events
  • System issues
  • Software or link library issues
  • Lack of proper research
  • Underestimation
  • Architectural flaws
  • Inappropriate performance test, scalability, and maintenance
  • Administration problems
  • Time is taken for developing prototype, mockup, PoC, MVP

Importance of custom software development

Custom software development is the method of creating, designing, deploying and managing applications for a particular customer base, business or task. Commercial apps are built to cater to the needs of a wider customer base with provision for commercial marketing and distribution. On the other hand, custom software is created for a specific purpose like maintenance of field Service equipment program for a certain manufacturer, or online banking app designed with unique features specific to a particular bank and its clients.

Food delivery app

It is one of the fastest-growing platforms that are allowing new and existing restaurants to collaborate with their clients thereby increasing the sales numbers.

Doctor app

Doctor applications are highly convenient that allowed the users to book an appointment and consult with specialist doctors on virtual chat rooms or phone calls without having to visit the doctor.

Pharmacy app

Pharmacy apps are helpful for both pharmacies as well as patients. It gives the added convenience of purchasing medicines from the comfort of their home at highly competitive prices.

Cargo and courier management

Courier management applications are suitable for organizations that deal with a distribution network for the movement of bulk commodities and documents. It provides a centralized way of managing employees, warehouses, transportation and other aspects of a delivery chain.

Media and entertainment app

It is the most popular type of application in today's world as it gives the convenience of on-demand streaming of music videos and other entertainment content on the go.

Hostel management

These applications are designed specifically for owners to track and manage various activities of their establishment like booking, promotions, sales and management, OTAs, customer service, etc.

Real estate portal

Real estate portals can be referred to as a modern version of conventional real estate websites. It allows realtors to attract more number of customers, tenants and increase the possibilities of closing a deal with them.

Inventory management

Inventory management applications complete solution from managing orders, sales, and delivery, tracking the state of their inventory, expense and other related documents in real-time that has allowed the manufacturing industry to increase their productivity significantly.


HRMS applications are built organization-specific that allowed the management team to deal with various entities of human resource management in a much more efficient way.


Payroll applications are created for managing, organizing, and automatic method of employees. It provides a centralized dashboard for keeping track of the payments and automatically maintains a record of attendance, tax information, pay structure, etc.

Hospital management

Applications for hospital management has become an important part of the organization in the health sector as it takes care of administrative functionalities as well as customer services in other important functions of a hospital.

School management

School management applications are specifically designed for streamlining the functionalities of an academic institution with a paperless administrative system. It includes different nodules for managing the staff, student records, performance records, and other information.

Manufacturing management

Manufacturing applications industries plan and execute projects and include automation in fields like material planning, production management, scheduling, etc.

Healthcare management

It is a tool for organizations to automate and manage operations like appointments, billings, scheduling, financial auditing, regulatory compliance, etc.

Banking and financial services

It allows financial institutions to completely automate visitor workflow at customer touchpoints. These applications play a major role in providing a seamless customer experience.

Methods to speed up the process of software development

A significant amount of time is lost in addressing errors caused at the time of software development. These situations give rise to the need for implementation of automatic systems for software development. Measures that can be taken to reduce errors and prevent applications from crashing.

Source control measures

The software development team should make use of a centralized source control repository system to ensure that the code and the process an error-free. Implementation of a source control system allows the team to work at a single place. Issues with the workstation file server will not pose any threats of losing vital information because the data is stored in a central repository.

Software development life cycle

There are several difficulties associated with the development of large and complex software applications. One of the significant issues is tracking the progress of the development process and its related activities. Software development teams should make use of SDLC management solutions to keep an eye on their projects. These tools come with features like task management, bug tracking management, and analysis of progress that help in enhancing the decision making process. The benefits of SDLC management tools can be understood well when working with large scale projects.

Need for software development

Software development is essential because it allows the business to get an edge over their competitors by improving customer experience, adding innovative products to their portfolio, enhancing productivity, and more. Software development has become every of gaining competitive advantage but requires proficiency with the latest programming languages and technologies for fast growth and deployment of quality software development applications in Canada. The following are some of the advanced technologies that are becoming a part of everyday software applications.

  • Artificial intelligence
  • Cloud-based development
  • Cloud-native development
  • Analytics
  • Blockchain
  • Lowcode
  • Mobile applications

Development of software is a highly challenging and complicated process but with the support of professional software development agencies just become a much easier task for companies to develop software for improving the workflow of the organization as well as customer experiences.

Software development agencies help in accelerating and streamlining the process of software development with the conclusion of automation and other necessary features. Development of software is primarily done with the help of computer programs where a team of experienced software developers and architectures work with data flow design, flowcharts, technical documentation, software testing, etc. Advancements in software development for commercial purposes allowed companies to develop market and distribute applications designed for large scale implementation.



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