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Improving business operations by ERP software implementations

ERP or enterprise resource planning software is a specific kind of process management software, which permits an organisation to utilise a system of applications working together in an integrated way. In addition to this, ERP software development company in Toronto. This software assists an organisation to monitor the business operations properly along with automating the back office activities that are associated with human resources, technology and other services.

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Our services related to ERP consultation
  • No delay in delivery
  • completely affordable
  • offers customised ERP solutions
  • High level skilled
  • competent tea of employees
Customisation of ERP development
  • Security of information
  • High flexibility
  • Development of ERP plugging
  • Integration and development of API
  • Modification of current features
  • Updating of modules
ERP solutions related to software migration
  • Easy data migration
  • Errorless process of migration
  • Migration services related to ERP systems
  • Smooth cloud services
  • Platform migration services

ERP software services provided by us


We guarantee profitable control processes, prompt development of software and adequately streamlined business.

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Completely customised ERP

We provide leading ERP solutions in Canada that are easily adaptable, soothing modified and extremely flexible. These solutions enable and organisation to change the business processes in accordance with their specific business goals.

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Tally ERP

We provide a software solution that facilitates inventory management, payroll management, accounting activities along with invoicing complained with GST.

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This quick solution encompasses every requirement of an organisation by implementing completely automated processes.

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Marketing automation

Client driven ODOO CRM, as well as sales module, are obtain managed using user-focused POS technic. Revenue wastages are prevented by maintains a tactical distance via tracking closely the marketing opportunities.

Integration of all processes

The business functionalities such as sales, accounting, purchasing supplies, managing inventory, and manufacturing so on are streamlined.

Enhancing the efficiency of business operation

The efficiency of business operations can be boosted by utilising ERP solutions. Project management ODOO helpdesk, daily timesheet work progress, monitoring are monitored by utilising this ERP software solutions Toronto. The operations are made smoother and easier by errorless inventory management and purchasing operations.

The smooth Finance Management process

Finance Management is made easier by using earning reports, cash flow statement balance sheets and dashboards on a daily basis. The Department related to accounting is integrated with distribution, procurement, sales and so on. Online invoicing and other regular accounting activities are made easier by utilising this ERP solution.

SAP business solution

Effective project management and maximum business advantages officer facilitated by using SAP business solution. SAP partners have a wide engagement in implementing effective ERP services for consumers. The benefits of using this ERP software solution in Calgary include integration with different platforms from the deployment of cloud space usage business intelligence and so on which permits an organisation to obtain multiple opportunities obtained.

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Mobility solutions

SAP business solution helps the sales team of the organisation to operate easily by using Android mobile devices. Sales executive scan monitor the accounts of the customers view stocks place orders and supervise the leads by using suitable applications.

Useful and innovative tools

These tools help to draw important business reports that have the minimum IT overhead workflow-based alert and interactive analysis this business solution help the organisation to take correct and valuable decisions so that the business functions can be made errorless as well as efficient.

Interactive dashboards

Designing interactive dashboards assist in calculating the costs, cash flows and revenues with real-time data. Quick and errorless information is gained by using interactive dashboards that support Ad Hoc reports and on-demand standard reports.

Industry based SAP solutions

Industry-specific business practices and operations are designed for small and medium enterprises by using SAP business solutions. Manufacturing processes, distribution, warehousing, managing the consumer products, all these functionalities can be operated effectively by applying industry-based SAP solutions.

Industries served by us




Manufacturing industry

Health care industry

Retail industry

Hospitality Industry

Entertainment Industry

Transportation Industry

Automobile Industry

Consumer Durables

Advantages of ERP Software Solutions

Enhancing the quality of day to day management

Some of the requirements in an organisation including abiding by the organisational rules accurate decision making, quality customer care service, innovative business operations, can be made easier by utilising ERP Software Solutions.

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Increasing process efficiency

ERP software aims at maximizing the operational efficiencies, managing the resources of an enterprise, increasing values of the products and streamlining the business operations. The results of using ERP Software Solution are generally excellent as the organisational performance is enhanced to a good extent.

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Extensive analysis

An in-depth analysis of the daily business report helps an organisation to evaluate the performance of the firm. The utilisation of ERP solutions helps the organisation to know the areas in which improvements can be made to increase the profitability and revenue rates.

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Measurable benefits

The material cost, overhead cost, labour charges, inventory management costs, can be reduced considerably by making use of ERP Software Solutions within an organisation. The accurate measurement of the revenue collected and the profit earned can be conducted by using this software.

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Valuable interactions

The consumers and the suppliers can be connected better by utilising ERP software the user interface of the software is entirely easy to use and facilitates a perfect atmosphere for employees to work in an organisation. ERP Software Solution aids the maintenance of stock, good negotiation with suppliers for prices, forecasting of demands problems related to delivery, improvements in the domains of sales and marketing services.

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Advantages of ERP in accounting management

Some of the benefits that can be observed in the area of accounting management are benefits in daily cash flows, real-time data on expenses, balance sheet, and income statement and so on. In the absence of utilisation of the ERP software solution, the organisations will be unable to gauge the difficulties arising in the area of accounting management and will not be able to resolve them smoothly.

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ERP modules

  • Purchase management
  • Warehouse and inventory management
  • Human resource management
  • Quality management
  • Distribution management
  • Sales and CRM
  • Manufacturing and SCM
  • Finance and accounting
  • Marketing automation

The customised ERP modules

Point of sales system in ERP

Point of sales system in ERP

This system relies upon a user friendly and simplified user-interface which can be applied both online and offline through android devices, be it a smartphone, tablet or laptop. The customer ERP services also provides in canada. This system works coordinating with various modules and integrates inventory applications with accounting operations.

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Odoo inventory management

Odoo inventory management

Odoo ERP Software in Canada is a software that can be applied for the maximisation of warehousing efficiency. This is an online automated system that helps to oversee the contents of the inventory and the operations of supply chain management. This system also assist in effective supervising the flow of products frim the producers to the storehouses. This in turn increases the performance quality.

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Indglobal’s Odoo ERP salon management solutions

Indglobal’s Odoo ERP salon management solutions

  • Quick and prompt booking
  • Staff management
  • Management of beautician commission
  • Chair allocation
  • Managing the customers
  • Execution of orders
  • Revenue reports
  • Enrolling the members
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Field service management: The features are as follows:

Field service management: The features are as follows:

  • Activity management
  • Service team management
  • Supply chain management
  • Asset and product management
  • Call centre management
  • Call closure management
  • Feedback management
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Importance of ERP software integration in business

ERP software in Vancouver is applicable in cross-functional and enterprise wide activities in order to reduce errors.

This software enhances the constructive quality of the employees by decreasing the time required to execute the task.

The enterprise resource planning solutions Montreal is highly cost effective and cuts down most of the unwanted operational expenditure.

The software can be used in business organisation of all sizes including large, medium and small enterprises.



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